Women's Day of Learning

Join us on a journey as we explore our heritage. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and a feast of a lunch as we pamper our soul with lectures, in text learning and practical discussions. For all ages and backgrounds. (No prevoius knowledge necessary.) Babysitting service and children's program available upon request. For more info contact Matti (514) 295-4770.


Mommy and Me

Whether it be Mr. Music, fun and laughs or relaxing yoga positions, join the "Mommy and Me" program at the Chai. Give yourself some bonding moments as well as a chance to shmooze with other moms. Light refreshments served. 



Women's Rosh Chodesh Group

Details forthcoming...


Summer Shabbos Shiur

As Shabbos afternoon starts getting longer let's use our free time to delve into the Parsha, Pirkei Avot or the Holiday. To find out when and where the classes are each week, please contact Matti (514) 295-4770.



Challah Baking

The preparation of Challah for Shabbos is unique in that it brings many blessings into the home. Find out about how our matriarchs were fulfilling this special mitzvah and how you can do the same. No previous baking experience needed. Please contact Matti (514) 295-4770