The TOYS FOR A SMILE project, has been offering its commitment for the past eighteen years to bring as many smiles as possible to children of all ages, all of whom are being hospitalized for short or long term stays, as well as to re-stock the toys for the play rooms and activity centers in Montreal children hospitals and institutions.

We put our heart and souls in a mission to improve the quality of life of hospitalized children and put a positive spin on their unfortunate experiences, as the doctors work tirelessly to cure them!

The Toys for a smile project is dedicated towards “people helping people” whereby our every day efforts are directed towards joining together to do good for one another.

We welcome you to join the “TOYS FOR A SMILE" family and be part of something really meaningful which has become such a cherished experience for all the children, families and staff in our community's Hospitals.

Help us spread acts of Goodness & Kindness!

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Dear Friends,

The name Toys for a Smile is truly an understatement. The gifts and generosity of our gracious sponsors & volunteers not only paints smiles on people’s faces, it uplifts, inspires and rejuvenates. It is difficult to quantify just how much of an impact these gifts make on bedridden patients and those who simply need a boost from a caring soul.

It is an honor to be a part of this mission which brings such joy to so many. It is a privilege to work with the caring boys and girls who take of their time to give to others, and heartwarming to see young men and women volunteer and donate to this cause.

I thank you for joining us on this mission, and helping to bring smiles and joy to those who need it most.


Jack Hoziel

Director & Founder