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"The Kosher Alternative"

Responding to the needs of our teens and young adults, The Chai Cafe has become the "alternative" place for teens and young adults in Montreal.

Now operating Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-12am and Saturday night from 2 hours after Shabbat until 3am.

There is a special event at least once a week. Hang out with old friends, meet new friends. Watch all the Hockey games on big screen.Study in a beautiful environment. Play Pool, Foosball, Ping Pong, Play-Station, Xbox and the Wii. The food is really good and cheap! The Cafe is Wi-Fi equipped as well.

We are located at 6995 Westbury ave. click here for map.

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For more info contact: 

Benji Haziza (514) 969-2661

Rabbi Dovid Perlstein (514) 606-4970