Throughout the generations, educators, parents and activists have found that the adolescent and young adult age is the most difficult age to deal with both developmentally and emotionally. Teens have the tendency to rebel against the normal routine. Broken homes, peer pressure, drugs and substance abuse certainly play a major role in shaping today’s young adult. The concern for our community is ever growing, and searching for a way to tackle these issues is becoming increasingly difficult.

Through our teen and young adult center, we have been successful in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to giving the teen a sense of belonging and accomplishment, with valuable morals, a home away from home, and a parent who is not worried.

Some of the programs offered are:

  • Holiday Celebrations - Parties, activities and the like, give teens a chance to experience Chagim in an exciting and educational way.
  • In-School Activities - From "Pizza & chill", "Chai West Shmooze Club", and in-school holiday parties, Cteen Chai brings Judaism and fun to a whole new level.
  • Weekend Retreats - Whether to the mountains or New York, the Chai retreats are known amongst the teens and young adults as the best around.
  • Chai Cafe - An alternative cafe to hang out, meet new friends, and chill over good kosher food.
  • LagFest - A Lag Baomer Music Festival which attracts 7,000-10,000 people. Organized by the teens with the help from our staff.
  • Game Nights
  • Summer Trips 
  • Birthright Israel Trips


  For more info call The Chai Center at (514) 344-2424