Friday Night, June 3rd

Candle-lighting time 8:19pm

Mincha 8:30pm


Shabbos, June 4th

Shacharis 10:00am

Mincha 8:15pm

Mariv 9:36pm

Light candles after 9:36pm (from an existing flame)

Tikun Leil Shavous (all night learning) after Meal - approximately 11:00pm

Alos Hashachar 3:00am


Sunday, June 5th - 1st day of Shavuos

Latest time for Shema 9:00am

Shacharis 10:30am

Aseras Hadibros (approximately) 11:30pm

Mincha 8:20pm

Maariv 9:37pm

Light Candles after 9:37pm (from an existing flame)


Monday, June 6th - 2nd day of Shavuos

Shacharis 10:30am

Yizkor (approximately) 12:00pm

Mincha 8:20pm

Maariv 9:37pm